You think it might be time for new windows, but how can you tell when you REALLY need them?

Windows are a key component of your home’s exterior, and they’re crucial to energy use and temperature regulation inside your house. Deciding when to replace your windows can be a challenge, as small problems can spell big trouble.

At Select Home Exteriors, we’ve put together 5 questions to answer when considering new windows:

Are My Windows Warped, Damaged, or Broken?

Damaged windows can lead to significant energy loss or the possibility of moisture to enter your home. Carefully examine your window and, if you notice rotting or shifting around your window sashes or frames, or your windows have foggy glass, it’s probably time for new windows.

Are My Windows Difficult to Open and Close?

Windows are supposed to open and close smoothly. If you notice sticking, squeaking, or groaning when you try to open or close them, or if they won’t stay open, there’s likely something structurally wrong with the window and you should consider replacing it.

Are My Energy Bills High?

There can be many reasons for high energy bills, and poorly functioning windows is one of the top reasons. Windows that have shifted or have gaps can increase your annual home energy consumption as much as 25 percent. Do your wallet a favor and spring for some replacements. They’ll pay for themselves in energy savings within a few years.

Do I Own an Old Home with Original Windows?

Single-pane windows were the norm in homes until double-pane windows came along. Older single-pane windows aren’t as energy-efficient as modern double- and triple-paned windows, and they let in more UV light which can bleach furnishings inside your home if you leave curtains open during the day.

Has My Home Been Through a Severe Storm?

If your home has received severe weather, such as a tornado, hurricane, or windstorm, your windows could have sustained damage that you can’t see. Severe weather can cause shifting in frames, cracked glass, and broken seals that mean you need to invest in some new windows.

Did You Answer “Yes” to One or More of These Questions?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it may be time to consult with a window replacement professional. At Select Home Exteriors, our experienced contractors can evaluate your windows and recommend any repairs or replacement you may need. We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. Contact us today to schedule your free window estimate!