5 Unique Window Treatments to Make Your Windows Stand out

unique window treatments

Your windows are more than just an investment for your home. They also can be another way for you to express your personal sense of style.

Here are 5 unique window treatments that make your windows stand out from the crowd:

Vintage Hankie Curtains

Do you have a collection of vintage handkerchiefs from a relative? Or are you fond of thrifting for interesting finds?

Turn all those gorgeous old hankies into a unique window treatment by sewing them together.

The beauty of this type of window covering is the handkerchiefs are sheer enough to let light through, but opaque enough to give you privacy.

Shabby Rag Ribbon Valance

Give your room a little sense of whimsy with a shaggy rag ribbon valance.

You can use vintage fabrics, scrap fabrics, or patterns that coordinate with the rest of your room to craft an interesting handmade window addition.

Pair your new valance with some cream or white sheer curtains and you’ve got a fun addition to your home.

Doily Upcycle

Similar to the vintage hankie curtain, sew together all those beautiful old doilies to create a fun, funky window treatment.

If you don’t want to have a bunch of different doilies for a curtain, find an old lace table runner and use that. You can even add ribbon, fabric, or small doilies to the edges for some added interest.

Plant Valance

Why stick with just fabric for your windows?

With some strong twine or hooks, hang small vases from your curtain rod and add flowers. 

Change things up as often as you want for a fresh new look, or buy some silk flowers for a more permanent installation.

This idea is a great way to bring some small plants into your home even if you don’t have the shelf space to house them.

Barn Doors

Barn doors are a big trend in home decor, but they’re usually reserved for acting as actual doors.

Putting smaller barn doors on your windows is a great way to block out the light and bring the trend into your home without committing to a large-scale change.

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9 Ways to Repurpose Old Windows

how to repurpose old windows

When you renovate your home, you’re likely left with old fixtures that you don’t know what to do with. 

If you’ve added new windows to your home, take advantage of one of the hottest trends in home decor by repurposing those old windows into something fun.

Here are 9 ways to repurpose your old windows:


Looking for a unique touch in your master or guest bedroom? 

Rather than the traditional wooden or fabric headboard, hang several windows above the head of your bed to create a light, airy headboard.

You can hang as many or as few windows as you want to create a more dramatic effect. It’s best to use identical windows for this project to maintain symmetry.


If you’ve got a large room, such as your family/dining room, that you’d like to add some visual definition to, old windows are a great option!

Hang windows securely between the two spaces you’d like to define, attaching rows of windows to one another if you’d like.

This creates a visual separation between two areas without heavy furniture such as bookcases.

Mini Greenhouse

Growing your own food is a great way to save some extra money, and creating your own mini greenhouse can keep you in fresh greens all year long.

Construct a wooden box out of lumber, then use windows as the lid. This allows sunlight and warmth to reach your plants so you can have great produce even when it’s colder outside.

Chalkboard Calendar

Need a great-looking way to keep everyone’s schedule or your meal plan visible?

Either replace the glass of an old divided window with a chalkboard slab or paint the glass with chalkboard paint for an erasable calendar.

Alternatively, you can put a board painted white behind the window and write on the glass with dry-erase markers.

Stained Glass Window

If you’d like to add a classy touch to your home but don’t want to fork over the money for a professionally done stained glass piece, turn an old window into a custom piece of art!

Sketch the design you’d like for your window on some paper and place it behind your window for easy tracing. 

Create outlines with clear silicone caulk, then fill in your design with pieces of colored glass or colored glass stones you can find at the craft store.

Artwork Backdrop

Larger mats and frames make even the most simple artwork stand out.

If you’ve got a special piece you’d like to highlight, or want to take up some extra space on your wall or mantle, add an old window behind the framed artwork for a little boost.

This method adds space and gravity to your art without adding the heavy materials you’d need if using another frame.

Fireplace Screen

Keep your fireplace ashes where they belong while being able to enjoy the beauty of your fire by creating a fireplace screen out of an old wooden-framed window.

Attach legs to the bottom to keep it level, and be sure that you keep the window far enough from the flames when it’s in use that it won’t catch light.

Jewelry Organizer

Keep all those necklaces untangled and close at hand by turning an old window into a DIY jewelry organizer.

Attach small screw-in hooks to the edges of the window’s frame, and hang it on the wall securely. You can even add a little cotton batting and some fabric to turn one panel into earring storage.

Pot Rack

Free up some cabinet space by moving your pots and pans storage overhead.

Remove the glass from an old wood-framed window and use chains and hooks to secure the window to your ceiling, low enough that you’ll be able to reach your pots and pans but not so low that you’ll hit your head on them.

Some S hooks on the edges of the window frame can be used to hold those pots and pans for easy cooking.

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5 Tips for Caring for Your Windows So They Last

Window Care and Cleaning

Your home’s windows are among the most important – but most neglected – assets.

They keep rain, snow, and inclimate weather out, while helping you maintain a comfortable temperature inside. On sunny days, you can throw open the curtains and look outside, basking in the scenery.

To ensure that your windows stay in great condition year after year, follow these 5 tips for window care so they last:

Clean Regularly – and Gently

Keep that glass sparkling and avoid conditions that could cause damage by cleaning your windows regularly. Most people do this task twice a year – in spring and fall.

If you have wooden windows, gently wipe them down with a soft damp cloth. This helps remove any dirt and dust that may collect without introducing harsh cleaners. 

Be careful to not use too much water, as that can seep into your window casements and sashes and encourage rot.

Wash vinyl and aluminum-framed windows with a gentle detergent, such as dish soap, and a soft scrubbing brush. 

When cleaning windows, make sure to clean not only the casement but also the area around the window. This removes any built-up dirt that can collect in the mechanism and cause sticking.

Keep your glass sparkling with window cleaner or a homemade mix of vinegar and water. Avoid using cloths or paper towels to clean the glass, as you can leave behind tiny fibers that dull the shine. Instead, use a piece of crumpled-up newspaper to wipe away the window cleaner.

Inspect Often

As you clean your windows twice a year, carefully inspect them for signs of damage or disrepair.

Check the condition of the window frame and sash and, for wooden windows, use a small metal probe to look for soft spots, which mean you’ve got rotting.

If you have double- or triple-paned windows, look carefully for signs of moisture between the panes. This means your seals have broken, reducing the insulation capacity of the window. Replace any broken seals.

Look for signs of peeling or warped paint, especially on windows that get the most daily sun exposure. 

If your windows have weather stripping, check its condition and replace any that has worn out.

Feel around the windows for air gaps and fill with latex caulk.

Check the Sealing

The sealing around your windows helps keep outdoor air out, making your home more energy-efficient. Keeping it in good repair is important to maintaining lower energy bills and a more comfortable inside temperature.

If you notice broken or cracked seals, moisture inside your window panes, or feel air coming in around your window, your sealing needs attention.

Call a window contractor or handyman to replace your window seals, or attempt the project yourself. For air gaps around the window, fill them in with spray sealant or caulk.

Repaint Regularly

Sun and temperature differences can greatly damage the paint on your wooden and metal frames over time.

To keep your window frames looking great and protected from damage, repaint them every three to four years with a paint that’s recommended by your window’s manufacturers. 

Before you begin painting, clean the windows thoroughly and make sure they’re dried. Be careful to not paint over any moving parts, as this can lead to your windows being unable to open.

Repair Damage

If you notice something on your window that’s broken or missing, get it fixed quickly. The longer you leave your window damaged, the more energy you’ll lose and the more expensive the repair may end up being.

Many small repairs, such as signs of rot or missing sealant, can be done on your own. For more extensive problems such as broken glass, you may need to call a professional.

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Choosing New Windows: A Guide to 5 Popular Styles

Choosing New Windows: A Guide to 5 Popular Styles

Looking for new or replacement windows for your home isn’t as simple as you may think. There are many factors that go into the decision-making process, some of which you may never have considered before. Here are a few of the most popular window types for you to consider, along with what makes each of them unique.

Single- & Double-Hung Windows

These two similar styles of windows are the most popular and common styles in the US, and it’s easy to see why. They’re made up of two separate sashes which open and close the window by sliding up or down (to be specific, single-hung windows can only open from the bottom by sliding up, while double-hung windows can open from either end). This style of window is timeless and simple, and is one of the better options for any style of modern home.

Slider Windows

Another popular style of window, these consist of two panes that can be opened by sliding over or under one another. Since these are installed horizontally, they tend to be much wider than the single- or double-hung windows, allowing for more coverage. Due to the fact that only one window can be open at a time, however, this style provides less ventilation. These are very popular in kitchens, living rooms, and other areas of the house that benefit from more exposure.

Casement Windows

For a more modern and contemporary look, casement windows are ideal. Unlike the sliding mechanics of the hung windows or the slider windows, casement-style windows pivot on hinges, opening like doors. They’re taller than they are wide and because they swing open, they consistently provide a great deal of ventilation. Due to the nature of their mechanics, however, these windows work best in warmer and more mild climates.

Awning Windows

As their name suggests, these windows are hinged at the top and open out from the bottom, creating the appearance that an awning is being opened. While they can be popular on their own in more coastal areas, they’re most popular when installed below larger windows.

Bay Windows

Made of three or four large vertical panes, bay windows make a bold statement by helping make a room appear larger. Due to their large size and impact, they’re perfect for adding a great deal of natural light into smaller areas like bedrooms and breakfast nooks.

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4 Exterior Home Renovation Projects That Pay Off When You Sell

4 Exterior Home Renovation Projects That Pay Off When You Sell

When deciding to renovate your home, thinking about what the project will do for your experience living there is likely foremost in your mind. As you decide which projects to tackle, you may wonder which are the most likely to be most profitable if you eventually decide to sell your home. Although you may not be thinking about selling now, it’s wise to consider the most impactful projects for your budget, especially if you’re limited on what you can spend.

Here are 4 exterior home renovation projects that are likely to net you the most profit when selling your home:

Adding a Deck

A well-constructed deck adds extra entertaining and living space, as well as curb appeal, to any home. Prospective buyers will be able to imagine having backyard barbecues, relaxing with a cup of coffee, or watching their children play when they see a deck in your backyard.

Opt for pressure-treated wood or hardwood whenever possible, as these materials add an extra air of sophistication to your deck that other materials don’t. Small or large doesn’t really matter much, but if you’ve got a smaller yard be sure not to create a deck that’s too oversized for the space.


There’s no better way to boost your home’s curb appeal than by making the yard as inviting as possible. Although landscaping can be done yourself, if you’re seriously thinking of selling or your yard is in rough shape, it may be worth the money to hire a professional team.

Making sure all your trees and shrubs are trimmed up, walkways are clear and in good condition, and that there’s aesthetically pleasing color surrounding your house can go a long way toward getting people to take a second lap around the block when you put up that For Sale sign.

Replace Siding

This is especially true if your siding is old, in poor repair, or a difficult-to-care-for material such as wood. New siding gives the entire exterior of your home a facelift, and potential buyers love seeing notes that the siding recently was replaced on your disclosure sheets or listings.

Be sure to choose a siding type and color that fits in with the rest of your neighbors, as the home on the block that doesn’t look similar enough can be a drawback for some buyers.

New Windows

This project will reap benefits for your family as well as any future selling opportunities. When you replace old windows that aren’t in the best shape, your energy bills decrease, saving you money. They add to your home’s curb appeal and are another project that potential buyers will be happy to see listed as a “recent update” on your listing.

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5 Keys to Hiring a Quality Roofing Contractor

Your roof needs repair or replacement, but you’ve heard all the horror stories of contractors who don’t show up, use sub-par materials, or who just never complete the work. Roof work is among the most expensive and important contracting work you can have done on your home, and you need someone you can trust to get the work done right – the first time.

These 5 keys to hiring a quality roofing contractor will get you on you way to finding an experienced, efficient roofing contractor who will finish your project on time and within your budget: 

Make Sure They’re Insured, Licensed, & Certified

This first requirement is an absolute must for anyone you have working on your home. Your roofer, his employees, and any sub-contractors he may hire, will be up on the roof of your home for hours a day. You need to know that your roofing contractor has the proper insurance – worker’s compensation, liability, etc. – to cover any incidents that may happen so your homeowners’ insurance isn’t dinged. Additionally, check for any state or local licensing that may be required in your state. Licensed roofers are cleared by regulatory bodies, so you know they adhere to all the proper industry standards for materials, installation, and safety.

Hire a Local Contractor

Fly-by-night roofing contractors are all over the place, especially after a big storm. These “contractors” travel around, looking for people with damaged roofs they can rope into expensive work that may or may not be covered by insurance. Make sure the contractor you hire is actually a local business, and not just one that operates locally to help avoid this pitfall.

Ask for References

Any contractor worth his salt is going to not only be able to provide the contact information of happy customers, but will happily hand over this information. References from former clients are a great way to get a true sense of the quality of work, the reliability of the contractor, and just the overall way your intended contractor does business. If you’re considering a contractor who doesn’t have or refuses to provide references, be wary. He could either be very newly in business – and maybe not that seasoned – or could have an unsavory service record.

Find a Good Communicator 

Part of the job of being a contractor is being able to capably deal with both the clients and the employees. You want to find someone who is going to be able to thoroughly explain to you all the details of your project, and who will keep you updated on its progress. It may be cause for concern if a contractor doesn’t return phone calls, emails, or texts for days at a time, or who has a difficult time providing details of your project when directly asked.

Get a Work Plan

A work plan is a written plan of all the work that’s to be completed on your home – materials lists, timelines for the beginning and end of the project, a list of the phases of your project. This helps you track what materials you’re paying for, when you can expect to have your roof fixed or replaced, and know exactly what the contractor is doing to your home. If a contractor refuses to provide this or says he doesn’t operate off some form of written work plan, be concerned.

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