Vinyl Siding: the #1 Choice for Home Exteriors

Vinyl siding is relatively new on the home-exterior market, first gaining traction in the late 1950s. Early vinyl siding did not earn a good reputation as manufacturers still needed to work out the kinks in their new product. As technology has developed, vinyl siding has become more durable, versatile, and beautiful than ever before. Here are five reasons to choose vinyl siding:

Virtually maintenance-free

Wooden siding is high-maintenance. There’s no way around it. It must regularly be stripped and repainted, and homeowners must be diligent about warding off termites. With vinyl siding, the maintenance is much lower. While it isn’t completely maintenance-free, cleaning once or twice per year is about all that will be necessary to keep your siding looking great. Washing with a soft brush and a 30/70 mixture of vinegar and water can help get rid of dirt and keep mold, mildew, and oxidation at bay.

Overall cost is lower

Vinyl siding doesn’t just cost less to maintain, it’s also less expensive from the outset. Wooden siding panels can cost twice what vinyl panels do. Factoring in the routine materials and labor cost of stripping, repainting, and protecting wooden siding, vinyl siding is multiple times less expensive in the end.

Ease of repairs

Vinyl siding is snapped onto slats that are nailed into your house. If you have damage to one panel of siding, a repair is as easy for a professional as unsnapping the damaged panel and snapping on a new one. In order to avoid the new panel from looking completely out-of-place due to surrounding panels being more faded, it is recommended to remove an intact panel from an inconspicuous area of your exterior to replace the damaged panel, then putting up the new panel in its place.

More durable

Vinyl siding was made to withstand harsh weather. Wind, snow, rain, even hail are all kept in mind when manufacturing vinyl siding. Wooden siding can fall victim to termites and other bugs or rotting. Though vinyl siding isn’t indestructible, it can take more of a beating than wooden siding in some climates.

Wide range of options

Modern manufacturing means that vinyl siding comes in a wide range of colors and finishes. With so much to choose from, you can find a vinyl option to fit the style of your home. You can even find vinyl siding that looks remarkably like wooden siding!

Vinyl siding is about as maintenance free as it comes, good looking, and affordable. There are many benefits to choosing vinyl siding when renovating your home’s exterior. Let the experts at Select Home Exteriors find a vinyl siding option that’s right for you!